Halle Berry’s new Netflix movie is the comeback role fans have been waiting for

Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry is back in a big way with Bruised, and people everywhere are fawning over her performance.

The movie also marks Berry’s directorial debut.

Bruised tells the story of Berry as washed up UFC fighter Jackie Justice who is forced to get her life back together discovering her estranged underage son has lost his father.

The “big fight” movie, where an athlete has to redeem themselves and get back into fighting shape, is a fairly tired Hollywood trope, but Berry manages to shock some life into the genre.

“Her direction is gritty and assured, and her leading performance hasn’t lost an ounce of that star quality — to simultaneously be so weak and so strong — that won her an Oscar for “Monster’s Ball.” The only reason you like this hot mess of a person is that it’s Berry who plays her,” wrote NY Post critic Johnny Oleksinski.

Take a look at the trailer below.

Understandably, people are here for it.

People are especially here for the fight scenes.

She’s in better shape than us and she wants us to know it.

UFC president Dana White gave Berry a personalized shout out about the film, congratulating Berry on her directorial debut.

Berry has been tweeting about the movie and encouraging women to not give in to societal norms, writing “Who says you can’t kick ass at 55?”

One viewer called it Berry’s best work, which is saying something considering she took home the Best Actress Oscar for Monster’s Ball.

Berry is gracing the covers of Women’s Health and Sports Illustrated this month.

The movie also features a kiss that’s heating up everyone’s TVs.

Berry and Cardi B the first all woman hip-hop soundtrack for the movie.

Bruised is currently in theaters and streaming on Netflix. What do you think? Is the movie a hit or a miss? Let us know in the comments below.