The Marvels Director Teases That MCU Fans Are In For A Wild Ride


It’ll be curious to see whether or not The Marvels comes in for the same sort of preemptive backlash that greeted Captain Marvel, most of which seemed to be aimed solely at star Brie Larson. For whatever reason, the movie was subjected to a concerted trolling campaign, which clearly amounted to nothing when Carol Danvers’ origin story rocketed to well over a billion dollars at the box office.

Fans have been arguing as recently as yesterday about the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s weakest entry, with Thor: The Dark World and Captain Marvel being named as two regular contenders to claim the unwanted distinction. The latter isn’t one of the franchise’s best by any means, but now that the groundwork has been laid, we can expect The Marvels to deliver an awe-inspiring cosmic epic when it comes to theaters in November of next year.

Larson has teased trips to insane worlds, while director Nia DaCosta revealed she’s been handed more creative freedom by Kevin Feige’s outfit than she’s ever been given in her career. It’s all very encouraging, then, and the filmmaker had an even more enthusiastic response when asked what’s going to be the most surprising thing about the second chapter in Captain Marvel’s story.

“Everything. The movie is going to be a really wild ride. I’m really excited.”

Star Teyonah Parris doubled down on that sentiment by adding that “the whole thing will surprise you, because you don’t know anything”. That’s very true because other than the confirmation Samuel L. Jackson will be back as Nick Fury, plot details and the majority of new additions to The Marvels are being kept firmly under wraps, even though production is now underway, and fingers crossed DaCosta and her team will win over the naysayers this time around.