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‘The Marvels’ trailer presents a surprising solution to ‘Secret Invasion’s big cliffhanger

You can't say you wouldn't want to see this happen.

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in 'Secret Invasion'
Screenshot via Marvel Studios

It’s currently a bit of a mystery exactly how Secret Invasion is going to line up with The Marvels, what with Skrulls glimpsed in a recent promo image and Cobie Smulders denying her reported return in the movie. Well, ahead of next week’s finale hitting Disney Plus, Marvel just dropped a latest trailer for the final MCU film of the year. And maybe, just maybe, if we wish really hard, it might’ve provided an answer to episode five’s biggest question.

After finally donning his signature eyepatch once more at the end of the penultimate installment, Fury phoned an unknown individual and told them that it’s time to finish this. The identity of this mysterious caller has been bugging fans ever since — could it be Sonya, G’iah, a resurrected Maria Hill? Is it not a recruitment of an ally but a threat to Gravik? Alternatively, what if Fury was contacting an old ally that The Marvels trailer tells us has now has an army of adorable but deadly troops at their disposal?

Yes, I put it to you, what if Nick Fury is going to defeat Gravik and the Skrulls in Secret Invasion‘s finale with the help of Goose the Flerken and a legion of Flerken kitties?

A hilarious Reddit comment first floated this idea as a gag, but honestly I’ve now become obsessed with this concept so now you have to hear about it too.

The Marvels trailer makes clear that Goose has potentially become a parent to a litter of cute yet equally dangerous babies in the years since Captain Marvel, and Fury looks to be leading them into battle in the accompanying poster. The Flerkittens (as merchandise reveals is their official name) could be the perfect tools with which to end the secret invasion. After all, they’re a little bit like Skrulls themselves — seemingly innocent Earth creatures on the outside, but underneath they’re not so harmless.

Maybe Fury has been checking in with Goose on the regular ever since the 1990s and, given his bizarre insistence that he doesn’t want to call in Carol and the other Avengers for help, the Flerken might be his best option for aid in the Secret Invasion finale.

I mean, if you tell me you wouldn’t want to see an army of Flerkens fighting Skrulls with the power of Flora Colossus I know you’re lying.

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