‘The Matrix Resurrections’ star says now was the time for the franchise to return

the matrix resurrections
Photo via Warner Bros.

This article contains spoilers for The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections is now out and in classic Matrix fashion is provoking a ton of online discussion about its franchise meta-commentary and constant flashbacks to the originals. The film even opens with a modern recreation of The Matrix‘s iconic opening, though with Ellen Hollman taking the place of Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity.

It’s soon revealed that this opening is a “modal” – a sandbox created by Thomas Anderson to simulate Trinity’s introduction in the original movie, with the intent of helping him once again escape into the real world.

Hollman does a decent job of playing not-quite-Trinity (her character is referred to as “Echo” in the credits) and there’s a weird sense throughout the scene that something isn’t right. Despite her only appearing in the opening, Hollman seems to have done her homework and in a new interview with The Direct explained why now is the perfect time for the Matrix to return:

“I feel like it’s so timely. This has been such an incredibly harrowing year, my God, nearly two years on a global scale. And to have something that is reintroduced to our lives at this time, it really puts things into perspective. We were all locked down, regardless of where you were, it hits you the past year, globally hit everyone, and it made you reevaluate your life’s choices. What am I doing? Why am I doing this? I don’t think it’s a coincidence that once again, Matrix perfectly arrives when it’s meant to arrive, here to remind us of those choices or the illusion of choice. I really do think it’s unbelievably kismet, and unbelievably timely.”

She also underlined how Resurrections builds on the foundations of the first movie:

“This is not to be known as the fourth in the franchise. This is, if anything, this is a continuation of the original. It once again makes us question our reality, but [director Lana Wachowski] goes above and beyond in this one, not only regards to nostalgia into reuniting Neo and Trinity but in a whole other context.”

Where the franchise goes from here is anyone’s guess. Despite the movie’s weak box office performance, Warner Bros consider it a hit, probably because it premiered on HBO Max on the day of release resulted in a lot of new subscribers. However, Keanu Reeves doesn’t seem particularly interested in a sequel and – judging by the amount of time the film spent mocking the idea of endless franchises – I doubt Lana Wachowski wants to do The Matrix 5 anytime soon.

The Matrix Resurrections is now in theaters and on HBO Max.