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Marvel At The Predator’s Upgraded Suit With This New Action Shot

Fandango has relayed a new action shot from The Predator, which brings us closer to the creature's upgraded battle armor.

Remember when The Predator proclaimed that the hunt had evolved?

It’s no doubt referring to the 10-foot Mega Predator that’s set to rip and tear its way through Shane Black’s R-rated sequel, but as Fandango’s exclusive new pic reveals, those regular old aliens will be sporting some new armor of their own.

Embedded below, you’ll see a fresh action shot from The Predator in which one of those ugly motherfuckers is seen holding its prey aloft, presumably as a means to bargain with its human enemies – either that, or this hapless soul is 10 seconds away from having his/her spine ripped out.

This is The Predator, after all, and Shane Black has vowed to deliver the franchise’s scariest movie yet, which will certainly make for a welcome double bill with The Nun, New Line’s latest entry into The Conjuring universe.

But here, we turn our attention to a masked Predator as it shines a three-pronged light to those humans waiting below.

Based on the film’s trailer reveals thus far, we can infer that Fandango’s image is lifted from pretty late on in the movie, by which point the Predators have caught on to the fact that young Rory McKenna (Jacob Tremblay) is able to understand their ancient language.

Cue a race against time as his father, Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook), spearheads a team of Special Forces commandos as they begin to hunt an alien threat not of this world… only to encounter a radically evolved species of Predator that’s seemingly capable of annihilating its next of kin without so much as breaking a sweat.

Expect The Predator to unleash R-rated chaos on September 14th, with box office analysts predicting a relatively soft opening of $30M across North America.

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