The Terminator Reboot Will Reportedly Ignore Genisys; Schwarzenegger Hints At New Title


The Terminator is going back to the well.

James Cameron’s prized sci-fi series, one that has churned out five feature films to varying degrees of success since ’84, entered an unscheduled hiatus soon after the release of Genisys, which drastically underwhelmed across the board. Indeed, Alan Taylor’s planned trilogy-starter was such a dud that Paramount Pictures decided to scrap the series altogether, instead spearheading a hard reset with Tim Miller (Deadpool) and Cameron himself.

Fast forward to September of 2017 and The Terminator is fast beginning to take shape. Not only is Arnie back, back, back as that iconic cybernetic organism, but we’re also learning that Linda Hamilton has climbed aboard to reprise as Sarah Connor. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, it’s being reported that Miller’s Terminator redo won’t acknowledge the botched Genisys whatsoever.

Word comes by way of (via CBM), after the outlet caught up with Arnie at the “An Experience With Arnold Schwarzenegger” event in Birmingham, England. It was here where the Austrian Oak answered some rapid-fire questions about The Terminator and the direction in which Tim Miller is taking it.

First and foremost, the sixth instalment in the series won’t release as Terminator 6, nor will it include a role for Robert Patrick’s elusive, shape-shifting T-1000. What’s more, the newly-recruited Linda Hamilton has already begun training for Miller’s long-rumored reboot, which will not only retcon Genisys, but will also seemingly ignore Alan Taylor’s convoluted action flick altogether. Truth be told, the writing had been on the wall for months, especially after Paramount pulled the plug on those trilogy plans, so news that Miller and Cameron are working from a relatively blank slate shouldn’t be all that surprising.

The Terminator reboot will seemingly herald the first step in a “three-film reinvention,” and word is production will get underway early next year.