Themyscira And Other Locales Explored In New Wonder Woman Concept Art


Now that the the theatrical release of Wonder Woman is merely days away, expect the film’s marketing to be kicked up a notch. Whether it be a mini-documentary, more TV spots or a batch of visually striking IMAX posters, it’s become apparent that Warner Bros. are doing all they can to keep the Amazon Princess in the public’s consciousness.

The latest treat to come our way is something those of you who are into the various aspects involved in pre-production will likely dig, as several pieces of concept art have surfaced thanks to Entertainment Weekly. Production designer Aline Bonetto lent some insight to the publication as well, first describing how they fused elements to be found in the Greek Isles with that of Chinese mountains:

“We decided to make a mix of landscapes to build, in a way, our paradise island. We really wanted to have water everywhere. The water in Themyscira was really feminine, a kind of energy that’s across this island.”

Going in this creative direction isn’t unheard of, as various Batman movies have opted to shoot in several major cities, therefore making Gotham appear unlike any one metropolis. It makes sense that the minds behind Wonder Woman employ a similar tactic as Themyscira exists outside of the world of man; it’s technically of Earth, yet wouldn’t look anywhere near as alien as, say, Krypton.

Continuing on that note, it’s interesting to follow Bonetto’s process as to how a culture that exists unto itself would design its structures, specifically the throne room:

“What could have happened if women lived alone in a place? How would they build their architecture?

“The spiral, it’s a really primitive element. It’s a shape that you can find a lot in nature, in perfect things: in ferns when they grow and in the Nautilus shell. On the stairs, I have introduced a really dedicated golden pattern that looks a little bit art deco.”

For more intimate looks at the planning that went into Wonder Woman, be sure to browse the gallery at the top and catch the film when it opens in theaters this Friday, June 2.