These Fan-Made Lego Lightsabers Are Truly Stunning

Image via Traveller's Tales

Star Wars and Lego have been partners in intergalactic crime since the first set came out for the franchise back in 1999. This relationship got even stronger in March 2005 when Lego Star Wars: The Video Game was released launching the franchise to new heights. With this long and storied history, it comes as no surprise that fans have made some incredible creations out of Lego to share their love of the series.

One of the biggest creations currently catching the internet by storm was made by Reddit user drstrawberrycake. More accurately, they created a whopping 37 lightsabers from across the entire franchise in exquisite detail.

drstrawberrycake wasn’t the only Redditor with their mind on lightsabers recently either. User built_bricks made a special display for their own impressive collection.

We can only hope that the folks at Lego can see some of these incredible designs and make them available for sale so that Star Wars fans have a whole new way to geek out together.