These romantic Nicholas Sparks movies will make your heart flutter

If Nicholas Sparks’ name is attached to a movie, you know you’re in for an emotional, heartfelt treat. Over the course of his career as an author, he’s published 22 novels and two nonfiction books. Every single piece of literature he’s written has landed on the New York Times Best Seller list. Over 115 million copies of his books have been sold worldwide in over 50 different languages! He obviously knows what he’s doing when it comes to writing down the details of the most romantic stories ever. His books have inspired the creation of many beautiful romance films. These are the ones most worthy of your time.

The Last Song

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth met on the set of The Last Song, fell in love, proceeded to date off-and-on for 10 years, and then get married. Although their relationship has since ended in divorce, things between them would’ve never gotten started in the first place had they not met on the set of the incredibly romantic movie. It’s about a teenage girl who travels to a beach town to spend time with her father over the summer. While she’s there, she reconnects with her dad and meets a handsome guy, who sweeps her off her feet.

The Lucky One

Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling are the stars of The Lucky One. This Nicholas Sparks movie premiered in 2012 and tells a story of a military soldier who served his third tour of duty in Iraq. He keeps a random photograph of a beautiful woman he doesn’t even know while he’s in battle and because of it, he believes she’s the reason he was able to survive. Once he returns home, he goes on a mission to pursue the woman, get to know her, and start a life with her.

Dear John

Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum play each other’s love interests in Dear John. This 2010 movie is all about a soldier who falls in love with a college girl, and even though their lives are so very different, they still know they ultimately want to be together. Things start out strong for the couple but over the next seven years, they spend a lot of time apart during his various deployment stages. The only way they’re able to stay in touch with each other is through rare in-person meetings and consistently mailed handwritten letters.

Safe Haven 

Safe Haven is a 2013 movie starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel in the leading roles. It’s about a woman named Katie who escapes an abusive marriage to a small town on the North Carolina coast. She’s determined to start over and create a new life for herself… far away from the man who made her feel scared on a daily basis. In her new life, she’s able to land a new job, fall in love with a new man, and make a new best friend. Eventually, her abusive husband tracks down her location, opening up a world of problems.

A Walk to Remember

Mandy Moore is the star of A Walk to Remember, another beautifully written Nicholas Sparks movie. In this flick, a teenage girl is battling cancer, yet somehow able to maintain a positive attitude about everything going on in her life. She ends up falling in love with the rebellious bad boy on campus and he changes his ways in order to become a better, more nurturing partner to her. This movie ends in tragedy, so keep the tissue box close by.

The Notebook

The Notebook is arguably the biggest and most popular Nicholas Sparks movie in existence. It stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in the leading roles as a couple who falls in love during their teenage years. She comes from a wealthy family, but he doesn’t. Since her parents don’t approve of their relationship, they deal with some major obstacles in their love story. Their lives are turned upside down when they reconnect years later in their adulthood and realize the feelings they have for each other are stronger than ever.

The Longest Ride

The Longest Ride is a 2015 movie thought up by the brilliant mind of Nicholas Sparks. This movie stars Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson in the leading roles as a couple trying to figure out if their relationship is worth fighting for. He’s a former bull-riding champ and she’s a college student trying to create a brighter future for herself. They have to figure out if what they have is built to last, or if they need to simply let it go.

Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle is a 1999 movie about a journalist who discovers a bottle in the sand during her morning jog on the beach. When she finally opens up the bottle, she discovers an anonymous love letter that completely breaks her heart. She decides to have the newspaper she works for publish the words in order to help track down the reclusive author. The complicated scenario leads her down the path of a relationship she could’ve never expected.

The Best of Me

In 2014, The Best of Me was released starring James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan in the leading roles. Two high school sweethearts were once passionately in love with each other, but after parting ways and living separate lives for 20 years, they’re no longer connected. When one of their mutual friends passes away, they must return to their hometown to attend the funeral and at that moment, all of their old feelings for each other begin to reignite in the most unexpected way.

The Choice

The Choice is a 2016 movie starring Teresa Palmer, Tom Welling, Benjamin Walker, Maggie Grace, and Alexandra Daddario. It’s about a man named Travis who considers himself to be a total playboy. Settling down in a relationship is not his style because he prefers to keep things easy-going and fun. When he crosses paths with a gorgeous medical student named Gabby, his eyes are opened up to the possibility of committing to the same woman for the rest of his life.