This Film Shot Entirely On An iPhone Is Wildly Popular On Disney+

Shooting amazing movies with unusual constraints is absolutely possible. The original Paranormal Activity was filmed with a minuscule budget of $15,000 and Escape From Tomorrow was filmed entirely at Disney theme parks without Disney’s permission. Right now, one of the most popular movies on Disney+ was filmed exclusively using an iPhone XS Max. Oh, and the entire movie was filmed in only 32 days.

Liao Ming-yi’s first feature-length film is currently in the top 10 films on the entire platform, beating out Zootopia, Hamilton, and the entire Toy Story series in terms of popularity. I WeirDO is a unique romantic comedy that is winning over fans.

I WeirDo has a unique premise. Two people with severe OCD — Po-Ching and Chen Ching — both meet while decked out in anti-germ gear while shopping at a supermarket. The two realize that they are not alone in the world, and slowly form a romantic relationship based on their mutual issues and how well they work together. Everything is wonderful until Po-Ching wakes up one morning and is suddenly cured of his OCD.

I WeirDO has won several film festival awards and even features an award-winning actor and singer as its lead — Austin Lin. The fact that it’s one of the most popular films on the platform despite its limited availability through Disney+ Hotstar shows just how worthwhile it is to check out. Interested viewers in other countries can (and should) use a VPN to check out I WeirDO with whatever subtitles they may need.