This Harry Potter Themed Hedgehog Breeding Business Is Beyond Adorable

Harry Potter and hedgehogs aren’t exactly synonymous despite the potentially canonical wizard Thaddeus that turned all his children into them. It looks like that’s about to change though due to a hedgehog breeder that’s going viral for her creatively thematic business.

Cheyenne Ellis shares pictures of her various “hedgies” with names like Alohamora, Minerva, and Patronus on her Instagram — SOCO HOGwarts. The business strives to “improving pedigreed hedgehog genetics by doing select breeding to unique outcrosses” hoping to avoid things like the fatal Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome often found in animals that aren’t bred safely.

Ellis discussed her interest in becoming a hedgehog breeder in an interview with The Colorado Springs Gazette.

“I always found more solace in my horses and dogs. It just made sense to me… I just love them. Any bad day with an animal is better than a good day at work.”

Ellis says that she is “a leader in hedgehog genetics” and wants to make sure that hedgehog owners understand the darker side of animal breeding and improper animal care through her work.

“It’s just so important to me that they have a happy and healthy life. There’s a lot that’s not understood about them or how to take care of them. That’s what I want to help with. Hedgehogs really rely on the interaction of their humans. They bond so deeply with their owners.”

Those interested in buying a Harry Potter hedgehog, themed stickers, or the cute sorting hat Ellis uses in many of her photos, can purchase them on the SOCO HOGwarts website.