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This Malaysian Horror Film Is In The Top 5 Most Popular Movies On Disney Plus

Yes it's hard to believe, but a real horror film is doing great on Disney's live streaming platform.

It’s hard to believe Disney+ could be the home to a true horror film, not with movies some of their scariest ones being tame enough for young children like the Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. But if you add in a little comedy to the mix, it seems like it’s possible for something a bit scarier to become popular on the platform.

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Ada Hantu was released on August 13th and is already climbing up the ranks to beat out many of Disney’s classic films despite its limited availability on the Disney+ Hotstar platform. In the film, a YouTuber named Alif who doesn’t believe in ghosts finds himself on a wacky misadventure when he and his friends decide to stay overnight on his birthday at an abandoned World War II bungalow.

While Malaysian fans can see the film easily thanks to Disney+ Hotstar, horror fans abroad will have to do a little bit more work to give it a watch (with the appropriate subtitles of course). Those who have a VPN can set their region to Malaysia, which will allow them to see Ana Hantu available to stream.

Anyone interested in seeing what comedy combined with horror looks like when made in another country should be sure to check out Ada Hantu — it has to be popular for a reason.