This Mila Kunis Drama Is A Surprise Hit On Hulu

Mila Kunis is an incredibly talented actress most known for her roles in comedy through her film and television career so far. From That 70’s Show to Forgetting Sarah Marshall and even Family Guy, Kunis does funny well.

She’s spent a lot of her career making her fans laugh and taking on the role of the relatable character. In Bad Moms and Friends With Benefits, her characters are the type you’d be friends with. She takes on the part of someone you can see some of yourself in, someone you can watch and think, ‘Oh my gosh — that’s me!”.

Kunis also does more serious roles well. Take the character, Lily, from Black Swan; she plays the role with immense talent and dedication. She’s charismatic, charming, and of course, conniving, and it all seems effortless. So it’s no surprise that the role she took on in her latest drama film is sticking with fans.

Now available to stream on Hulu, Four Good Days is a film with a sombre message. It’s a movie that shows the true struggle of addiction and what it’s like for the addict and those who love them. It shows the ups downs, the push and the pull, and the way life crumbles around you before you notice the first crack.

The movie, released earlier this year, also stars Glenn Close and Steven Root. It tells the story of four very important days in the life of Kunis’ character Molly. She must refrain from using any drug after she completes a stint in rehab to use an opioid antagonist to aid her in her journey through recovery. She just needs to get through four days.

What happens next is at the center of the heartbreaking tale of addiction, Molly experiences good days and bad ones. She experiences moments she never thought she’d have again and moments she never wanted to. She continues to feel the pull of her addiction clawing at her even as she tries with all of herself to fight it.

The movie is relatable to anyone who has been affected by addiction, the addict, and those who love them.

If you’ve not yet seen Four Good Days, it’s now on the streaming service Hulu.