This Terrible Tom Holland Film Is Dominating Streaming


While most people know Tom Holland as Spider-Man thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or possibly his downright jaw-dropping lip sync battle), he’s actually been in a number of other films before his superhero premiere. His first work was actually providing his voice for Studio Ghibli’s British English dub of The Secret World of Arrietty with his first physical appearance being in The Impossible in 2012.

Still, not all of his time on the silver screen resulted in box office successes or even movies liked by fans or critics. According to stats from FlixPatrol, despite its dismal 22% Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Chaos Walking is the eighth most popular movie on the entirety of Hulu. Is the film really “absolutely bone-numbingly dull and stupid” as one reviewer put it, or is there something more to it?

“In Prentisstown, Todd has been brought up to believe that the Spackle released a germ that killed all the women and unleashed Noise on the remaining men. After discovering a patch of silence out in the swamp, his surrogate parents immediately tell him that he has to run, leaving him with only a map of New World, a message, and many unanswered questions.”

Synopsis from Hulu

Despite critics absolutely hating Chaos Walking, its Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes is surprisingly high at 71%. The movie was a complete failure at the box office, barely making back a quarter of what it cost to make it. Still, it seems that it might be gaining new fans thanks to Hulu. Anyone who wants to see Tom Holland’s sci-fi outing and see if it’s any good for themselves can find it streaming there now.