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‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ director says it’d be a ‘crime against humanity’ if Chris Hemsworth didn’t get naked

He's giving the people what they want, and they want Asgardian ass cheeks.

thor love and thunder
Image via Marvel Studios

Having been officially rated by the MPAA, Thor: Love and Thunder has taken its place in Marvel Cinematic Universe history to become the first of the franchise’s movies bearing a warning over “partial nudity”, something fans couldn’t be happier about.

One of the main talking points coming out of the first trailer for Taika Waititi’s cosmic comic book blockbuster wasn’t the return of Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, the debut of Russell Crowe’s Zeus, the guest appearance from the Guardians of the Galaxy, or Christian Bale’s terrifying villain Gorr the God Butcher. No; it was star Chris Hemsworth’s ass.

Waititi knows the people want to see the buff Australian showing off his physical form as much as possible, so much so that he admitted to ComicBook that it would be a “crime against humanity” were the goods not on full display.

“We all knew we wanted to do it from very early on. That was in the first draft of the script actually and Chris was on board as well. You know, I think you have a body like Chris, like, you know, even he understands. It would be just, it would be a waste to not show it off. It would be a crime against humanity. So, you know, it’s, you have to provide for the masses.”

The reactions would indicate that audiences are highly receptive to the idea of seeing those chiseled Asgardian cheeks on the biggest screen possible, especially when Thor: Love and Thunder will remove the pixelated posterior from the trailer to show the Butt of Thunder in all of its glory.

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