‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ fans remain furious that Gorr didn’t butcher enough gods

gorr thor love and thunder
via Marvel Studios

Now that Thor: Love and Thunder has arrived on Disney Plus, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have taken it upon themselves to continue sh*tting on Taika Waititi’s cosmic caper, with any sort of reappraisal looking further and further away based on the continued negativity to have greeted the franchise’s 29th chapter.

Almost as soon as the Odinson’s latest solo blockbuster landed on the platform, the knives were being sharpened all over again, while plenty of longtime Marvel Studios supporters shudder at the thought of Waititi returning to helm a fifth installment. It’s a far cry from the post-Ragnarok days when the hype was through the roof, and even Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher has been dragged into the argument once again.

While the Academy Award winner’s performance as the big bad was widely praised, the sentiment is that he wasn’t in the film anywhere near enough. Not only that, but he resolutely failed to live up to his name by offing one person onscreen during the entire duration of Love and Thunder, which came in the very first scene.

Needless to say, social media has been dragging the misleading nomenclature of the vengeful villain over hot coals in the aftermath of Love and Thunder‘s Disney Plus debut.

Maybe time will heal these wounds eventually, but as things stand, Love and Thunder has been blasted more than most MCU entries, and that arguably even includes The Dark World. It was a situation that seemed unfathomable as recently as the beginning of July, but the dismissal of the intergalactic epic by its target audience continues at pace.