‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ merch reveals best look yet at Christian Bale’s villain


As you may have noticed, along with countless other Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, the release date of Thor: Love and Thunder is drawing ever closer, and yet there’s not even the merest hint of when we can expect a trailer to arrive.

However, many online sleuths have become increasingly convinced that the maiden footage from Taika Waititi’s latest irreverent intergalactic epic could be with us as soon as tomorrow, which was admittedly born from examining the positions of the filmmaker’s fingers in an Instagram post, along with those of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson.

There hasn’t even been so much as an official image released as of yet never mind a teaser, but at least we can always rely on the reams of tie-in merchandise to deliver the goods. As you can see below, the latest series of Marvel Legends action figures are on the way to shelves, and they offer an up close and personal look at Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher.

The prospect of having an Oscar-winning actor who comfortably ranks as one of the industry’s finest talents breaking bad in the MCU as a villain who made it his life’s work to slay deities all across the cosmos sounds a thousand different shades of awesome, especially when Bale doesn’t dip his toes into blockbuster waters all that often.

Of course, a trailer would be preferable, but until that day comes we’ll have to make do with studiously analyzing the various Thor: Love and Thunder odds and sods being sent to stores around the world.