‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ reveals new look at Jane Foster and the Odinson

thor jane foster
Image via Marvel

Thor: Love and Thunder is set for release on July 8, and while only minimal information from the fourth entry to Thor’s solo series has been released, fans have now been treated with a spectacular promo art for Thor and his love interest Jane’s outfits for the upcoming film.

Surfacing on the internet, fans were given a glimpse at Thor’s new colorful suit, combining the bright blue and dazzling gold armor and his red cape, as well as his iconic golden locks and glowing eyes.

Meanwhile, Jane’s new outfit gives off silver and red Valkyrie vibes, while also debuting a helmet with wings, and a firm grasp on Mjölnir; which makes sense when the character is set to take on the mantel of Lady Thor. It is viable in the image that the Mjölnir that Jane holds is the one that was destroyed in Thor’s last adventure, now seemingly repaired as lightning shining through its cracks.

Only days ago Valkyrie star Tessa Thompson released an image of her new costume for the film, giving fans yet another glimpse into the colorful armor that the characters are set to wear. The recently released images are also close to how they appeared in the leaked poster that found its way online late last year, which now gives fans an idea of how exciting the film is going to be.

The outpouring of fan response has also been a positive sign of how great Thor and Jane’s new costumes look.

No synopsis or teaser trailer has been released as of yet, so in the meantime fans will have to wait patiently for news to come. Phase Four’s next release is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on May 6, though Thor has not been linked to appear in the film, but a post-credits scene could link to Love and Thunder as it’s next out of the gate..