Unused Ragnarok Concept Art Reveals A Very Different Look For Thor


Movie concept art often offers an interesting glimpse at what might’ve been, and this piece from Thor: Ragnarok reveals a very different look that Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder could’ve sported in the threequel. The Avenger freshened his style up a few times over the course of the film, but we never quite got to see the one captured in this artwork from Andy Park, the studio’s Head of Visual Development and Concept Art.

Park’s piece depicts a more rundown Thor than we ended up seeing in Taika Waititi’s production, with his unkept hair, thicker beard and ripped cape. This is close to his look at the beginning of the plot, actually, before he lands on Sakaar and gets a haircut from Stan Lee, but his personal hygiene was still a lot better in the actual film. The torn cape did make it in during the later stages of the story, though.

Park’s work does do a great job of demonstrating how Thor’s been traveling the galaxy for years trying to track down the Infinity Stones, which he didn’t have a whole lot of luck with. You can imagine this version of the character being a little worn down or frustrated with his search, then. Perhaps that’s why he was cleaned up a bit for the movie, because Ragnarok ended up portraying Thor at his funniest and most laidback.

Of course, Odinson will next return in November 2021’s Thor: Love and ThunderWe don’t yet know what his look will be for that as Waititi has said he’s not sure if he’s going to keep the so-called “Fat Thor” appearance from Avengers: Endgame for Thor 4 or not. Presumably he’ll be keeping his long golden locks, though, and not get another trim. Either way, the God of Thunder might want to look his best for Jane Foster, who’ll be returning as a bonafide superhero herself.

Source: Reddit