Thor: Ragnarok Easter Egg Suggests How Thanos Could’ve Been Stopped Before Infinity War


Ever since Earth’s Mightiest Heroes lost the fight against Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel fans have taken pleasure in playing Captain Hindsight and pointing out the various mistakes that helped the Mad Titan triumph. The final and probably most famous of these errors was from Thor, with the God of Thunder continuing to draw ridicule for his failure to go for the head, and with this new find from Thor: Ragnarok, it seems that people aren’t finished pointing out ways that the character screwed up.

A recent Reddit post screenshots a subtitled moment from Taika Waititi’s film, in which Valkyrie makes the following suggestion of how best to get out of Sakaar and back to Thor’s home world:

“Refuel on Xandar, and we can be back in Asgard in 18 months.”

So, why is this significant? Well, the Redditor seems to think (at least in a half-joking way) that if Thor and his peers had stopped by Xandar instead of taking the fast route through the Devil’s Anus, they would’ve arrived there in time to stop Thanos from taking the Power Stone.

Of course, this hypothetical scenario is based on the dubious assumption that Ragnarok’s heroes would’ve succeeded where Xandar failed and defeated the Mad Titan – and seeing how Thanos was tough enough to beat the Hulk without even using his stones, this is far from a guarantee. What’s more, delaying the gang’s journey back to Asgard by 18 months would’ve had some major repercussions in itself, hence Thor’s impatience to get back home and fight Hela.

As it is, our heroes ultimately didn’t cross paths with Thanos until the mid-credits of Thor: Ragnarok, at which point, Avengers: Infinity War showed that the team was comfortably defeated by the tyrant. In short, we probably can’t blame Thor for choosing to take the fast track home, though if you still feel like mocking him for his failure to go for the head, then by all means, have at it.

Source: Reddit