Three Star Wars: Episode IX Teasers Said To Air During Super Bowl


The Star Wars: Episode IX rumor mill has been hinting at an impending teaser drop for a while now with nothing in the way of results, but with the 53rd Super Bowl airing on February 3rd, it at least looks like we have a genuinely plausible platform by which some footage may or may not come our way.

But while we’ve already heard rumors that a teaser might air during the big game, a new report relayed by the Express has gone as far as to suggest that three separate, 30-second slots could on the cards. Seeing how we don’t even know that we’re getting one preview on the 3rd, this seems like a pretty bold claim to make, and one that a lot of fans may have a hard time believing, but if Lucasfilm truly aims to go big for the marketing of the upcoming trilogy-closer, the possibility perhaps isn’t completely out of the question, either.

All in all, we wouldn’t get our hopes up that three teasers are about to drop, but either way, this could well shape up to be a pretty eventful couple of weeks for Episode IX. For one thing, the report is also the latest of several sources to speculate that we could be getting a title reveal for the film in the next week or two, and seeing how the title of The Last Jedi was first announced on January 23rd on the year of its release, there’s definite precedence to this idea.

In any case, a fair few rumors and theories are soon to be proven wrong or right, but regardless of what the coming weeks bring, all will be revealed when Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.

Source: Express