These Three Words Might Feature In The Star Wars: Episode IX Title


With principal photography on Star Wars: Episode IX officially wrapping last Friday, fans are getting their hopes up all over again that Lucasfilm might finally be ready to reveal the full title of J.J. Abrams’ upcoming trilogy-closer. So far, both Abrams and the studio have stayed fairly mute on the matter, but while we wait for the grand unveiling, a new piece from Inverse offers their suggestion of three words that the title would do well to include.

The proposed words are based on the notion that a Star Wars subtitle should “say Star Wars without saying Star Wars,” hence why titles containing franchise-specific terms like “Empire,” “Force,” “Sith,” and “Jedi” work better than The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. The first of Inverse’s suggestions is “Skywalker,” which is a fitting choice not just because of how inherently Star Wars the name is, but also because Episode IX is set to bring the whole Skywalker Saga to a close.

After that, the piece suggests “Destiny,” which is a little vaguer than “Skywalker,” but still taps into a consistent theme of the franchise, and seems particularly appropriate for the culmination point of the Sequel Trilogy. Last on the list of proposed terms is “Rebellion,” which also sounds like it could make for a worthy choice. Granted, the good guys are officially calling themselves The Resistance these days, but as the article points out, the term “Rebel” and its variations were still used a fair amount in The Last Jedi, with Luke even declaring in his climactic monologue that “the Rebellion is reborn today.”

Obviously, this is all just speculation for the time being, but here’s hoping that we won’t have much longer to wait before we find out if any of these words made the official title. In any case, regardless of what we end up calling it, we’ll be seeing Star Wars: Episode IX in theaters from December 20th, 2019.