Here’s How Timothee Chalamet Could Look As Robin In The Batman


With casting news concerning The Batman finally heating up, we’ve learned who’ll be orbiting Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight in recent weeks. To briefly recap, Zoe Kravitz will suit up as the iconic Catwoman, Paul Dano will confound the Caped Crusader at every turn as the Riddler, and Jeffrey Wright will light up the Bat-signal as Commissioner Jim Gordon.

As for who’ll play the other major villains and Gotham City stalwarts, we’ll just have to wait and see, but some astonishing digital art imagining how Robin could look has recently surfaced online. Keep in mind that the Boy Wonder likely won’t show up until the sequel, though it’s been said that Matt Reeves may want to incorporate the character at some point.

Thanks to Mizuri’s Instagram page, we’re able to see what Timothee Chalamet would look like as Robin in the image found below. In case you were wondering, this is indeed the Dick Grayson iteration, but I am getting those Tim Drake-inspired vibes from his costume in a way similar to what was offered in Batman: The Animated Series.

Of course, Reeves could go with whichever version of Robin he pleases, as each have their own dedicated following. But if there are plans to spinoff a Nightwing film franchise at some point, it’s probably for the best that Dick Grayson be utilized.

Another thing that’d support Dick being on the way is how The Batman will take influence from The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Those familiar with that book should be aware of how its sequel, Dark Victory, featured a modernized origin for Dick as a subplot, so that’d naturally work as a silver screen followup.

The Batman arrives in theaters on June 25th, 2021.