Tobey Maguire Reportedly Asking For More Money Now For Spider-Man 3


Tom Holland recently called Spider-Man 3 the single most ambitious standalone superhero movie ever made, which would indicate that we’re going to be seeing some pretty epic events unfold in December’s Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster. And while the leading man obviously wouldn’t be drawn on the details, it would appear that he’s nodding in the direction of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

The previous live-action Spideys have been relentlessly linked to the project, and it’s now reached the stage where fans are going to be massively disappointed and probably more than a little furious if it doesn’t end up happening, something Kevin Feige is obviously going to be fully aware of, and the studio’s Chief Creative Officer has proven on countless occasions that he always gives the people what they want.

Garfield was reportedly spotted in Atlanta where the majority of shooting on Spider-Man 3 is taking place, but Maguire has been maintaining a low profile, which isn’t surprising when he’s barely been active as an onscreen talent for the last decade. Filming has been underway for almost four months, though, and you’d imagine that the cast would have signed on a long time ago, but insider Daniel Richtman has repeatedly claimed that Sam Raimi’s web-slinger is proving to be a handful.

After previously reporting that he was holding out for $15 million to return, Richtman said on two further occasions that the 45 year-old had been exhibiting diva-like behavior to the extent that Marvel were starting to get irritated. He’s now claiming that Maguire is once again demanding more money to suit up in Spider-Man 3 after initially agreeing to terms, although that begs the question as to why the studio wouldn’t have all of the key players locked in before cameras started rolling. That being said, Richtman has a strong track record and coupled with some other rumors floating around, it certainly seems as if the actor is proving to be a bit difficult.