Tobey Maguire Trends As Fans Name Him As The Best Spider-Man


Any character that’s been adapted as often as Spider-Man over the decades is going to see a revolving door of both live-action and voice actors play the role at various points, but only a select few tend to enter the conversation in regards to who can definitively be named as the best.

Similar to the never ending Batman debate which largely tends to boil down to a straight shootout between Michael Keaton and Christian Bale, everyone to have ever lent their talents to Marvel’s iconic web-slinger gets left out of the discussion as Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland battle for supremacy in the hearts and minds of fans.

Of course, it helps that those three have all played Peter Parker in major blockbusters, giving them a lot more visibility than any of their predecessors, and Spider-Man was hardly a regular presence in live-action until the 21st Century anyway, as the rights had previously remained caught up in a web of legal red tape that the superhero himself would have been proud of.

Following the news that Maguire is deep in negotiations with Sony and Marvel Studios to finally sign on the dotted line and reprise his career-defining role for the first time since he made a Spider-Man 3 of his own, though, fans have now taken to social media and praised him as the best Spidey ever, as you can see below.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any love for Nicholas Hammond, the first actor to ever suit up as Spider-Man in a live-action project, or Christopher Daniel Barnes’ stellar voice work throughout the 1990s. Still, while Tobey Maguire might be trending today, we all know how social media works, and Andrew Garfield could be the new favorite by the time you read this.