The Crow Fans Pay Tribute To Brandon Lee On What Would’ve Been His 56th Birthday

The Crow Brandon Lee

When Brandon Lee decided to follow in his iconic father’s footsteps and enter the movie business, the comparisons were going to be inevitable. Although he faced a serious uphill battle in trying to escape from the shadow of Bruce Lee, something countless actors in the martial arts genre have attempted and failed to do over the last five decades never mind his own son, there were definite signs that he was on the way to becoming a major star in his own right.

It helped that he inherited the good looks, charisma, screen presence and penchant for elaborate fight choreography, and after several bit parts, he finally caught his Hollywood break in Dolph Lundgren’s Showdown in Little Tokyo. The movie may have bombed at the box office, but it was clear that with a little more polishing, Brandon could become a second generation diamond.

His next effort was the sorely underrated 1992 actioner Rapid Fire, which was an ideal showcase for the leading man’s skill when it came to set pieces, humor and carrying an entire film on his back. Lee was in talks to return for a sequel during production of The Crow, but tragedy struck as he followed in his dad’s footsteps in the last way anyone was expecting.

During a routine stunt, he was shot by what was supposed to be blank ammunition, and ended up dying from his injuries at the age of just 28. The Crow was completed and went on to become a decent-sized box office hit and a genuine cult classic, with a planned reboot having remained stuck in development hell for well over a decade. Today would have marked Brandon Lee’s 56th birthday, but his performance as Eric Draven sees his legacy live on almost 28 years after his passing, as evidenced by the Tweets below.

The Crow Brandon Lee

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