Tom Cruise Becomes Hal Jordan In New Green Lantern Corps Fan Art


Tom Cruise may no longer be the frontrunner to portray Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Corps, but that hasn’t stopped many a zealot from placing the power ring on the three-time Academy Award nominee’s finger.

Last month, a blind item pegged the Mission: Impossible – Fallout star as the leading candidate to portray Jordan in the 2020 superhero blockbuster. Unfortunately, the tidbit – initially published in March of this year – went on to clarify that Cruise had reportedly passed on the role and, evidently, the sole caveat keeping him from accepting the part of Jordan had to do with the script.

Supposedly, the screenplay for Green Lantern Corps will see Hal Jordan killed off, which is something the actor insisted be changed before his signing off on the role. Obviously, WB wasn’t willing to comply with the demand, or we’d be discussing the casting decision and not a piece of fan art.

Speaking of which, just yesterday, Instagram user spdrmnkyxxiii – who was busy giving the sinister symbiote a makeover last month – posted the below mock-up of Tom Cruise glaring intently at the power ring on his middle finger, with the suit slowly beginning to take over the entire right side of his body.

Regrettably, though it does look like the ship has sailed on Cruise climbing aboard the DCEU, it’s entirely plausible that WB could reel in disgraced MCU filmmaker James Gunn to helm Green Lantern Corps, and what a morale boost that would give the newly minted Worlds of DC.

Nevertheless, at the moment, the film does remain without a Hal Jordan, or a director, for that matter, but as soon as we hear different, we’ll be sure to let you know.