Tom Cruise Is Jack Reacher/Jack Reacher Is Tom Cruise In New U.K. Poster

The U.K. one sheet for the Tom Cruise vehicle, Jack Reacher has landed and to be honest, there’s bugger all on it to report. The vast canvas is filled with Tom Cruise’s moody face sporting a red slash down its cheek and gives no hint as to what the film is about.

The difference in typeface size for “Jack Reacher” and “Tom Cruise” may even lead a dim-witted observer to believe some chap called Jack Reacher is portraying Tom Cruise in a Charlie Kaufman-penned meta-textual action caper (which sounds…pretty good – no nicking my idea!)

As scant on details as this poster is, here’s the outline (you can also check out the first trailer which debuted back in July).

Based upon the Lee Child novel One Shot – which is not the first story in which the eponymous hero appears – the film follows Jack Reacher, an ex-military man turned interfering flaneur who becomes involved in solving a case concerning a bloke offing people with a rifle.

From the get-go, fans of Child’s series were outraged that their tall, blond, charismatic Reacher were to be portrayed onscreen by someone who possessed none of those qualities.  As you know though, outrage doesn’t change Hollywood’s mind or sign the cheques and now we’ve potentially got the start of a new franchise for Tom Cruise with a boatload of Jack Reacher novels awaiting adaptation.

Jack Reacher (or Tom Cruise depending on what you choose to believe) arrives in theaters on December 21st.

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Source: The Playlist