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Tom Felton Reveals Role His Grandpa Had In Harry Potter And The Sorceror’s Stone

You may have missed him.

When you think back to Harry Potter, you can’t forget about the appearance of Tom Felton as Potter’s nemesis Draco Malfoy, but what you may not have known is that Tom wasn’t the only Felton to appear in the series. Since the series concluded almost a decade ago, Felton has carried the flag of his achievements proudly, often sharing memories of his time on set filming the iconic fantasy series.

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Earlier today on Instagram, Felton shared another gem from the set, this time of the first film in the series revealing that his grandfather actually scored a role in the film.

While Felton’s Grandpa might not have had a major role in the film his character can be seen watching on as Gryffindor take on Slytherin in Quidditch. According to another Instagram video shared by the actor, his grandfather appeared once again in the film during a different scene.

“That’s my grandpa again! The guy with the beard. White beard! Huge beard right next to Lee Jordan. And there’s me again. It’s a family thing, mental! Mental!”

While he managed to score a role in a major picture like Harry Potter, Felton’s Grandpa isn’t an actor himself. It’s great to see Felton reminisce with fans on some of hits times filming the series.