Tom Hardy And Channing Tatum Teaming Up For New War Movie

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum have experienced very mixed cinematic fortunes when it comes to venturing into the desert, with the former headlining critical darling, box office success story and awards season favorite Mad Max: Fury Road, while the latter was unceremoniously killed off in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the sequel to a movie he hated that he didn’t want to make in the first place.

However, the star-studded pairing will be returning to sandier climates in a new drama set during the recent Afghanistan evacuations, with Deadline reporting that Hardy and Tatum are both attached to a new true-life war drama that hails from a pitch written by George Nolfi.

The narrative is inspired by real stories, focusing on a team of three former special forces soldiers who volunteer to head back into the thick of the action to aid the local Afghan forces and help them rescue their friends, families and loved ones during this summer’s takeover by the Taliban.

There’s no word on whether Nolfi is planning to direct, having previously helmed sci-fi thriller The Adjustment Bureau and biographical drama The Banker, but he’s proven himself to be a solid pair of hands on either side of the camera. Throw in two major names in Hardy and Tatum, with a third role still be cast, and this sounds like a hot ticket.