Tom Holland Shares New Video To Mark The End Of Spider-Man: Far From Home Shoot


The European adventures of Spider-Man: Far From Home have to come to an end, with Tom Holland posting a video on Instagram marking the end of the film’s shoot in Venice, Italy.

From the sounds of it, the sequel will be a globe-trotting adventure for Spidey, with the pic shooting scenes in London, Prague, Liberec and Venice. Speaking in one of Venice’s many beautiful piazzas, Holland says the production’s now on its way to Spider-Man’s hometown of New York to conclude filming. As he spins the camera around, you can hear the appreciative cheers of the many fans that’ve assembled to watch the end of the shoot – and I’m very jealous of them.

While we don’t know precisely what’s going to happen in the movie, we have an awful lot of the puzzle pieces already. For one, we know that Jake Gyllenhaal’s playing Quentin Beck/Mysterio (and have had a pretty good look at his costume), we know that Spidey’s going to don a new black ‘Noir’ suit, we know that Michael Keaton is making a return as The Vulture, that Samuel L. Jackson is returning as Nick Fury and that, at some point, Aunt May and Peter are going to have an emotional reunion. With all these pieces slowly falling into place, let’s hope it won’t be too long before we start to see some official promotional material from Marvel Studios.

Of course, the ten-tonne gorilla standing in the film’s way is Avengers 4, which lands just under two months prior to Far From Home on May 3rd. While it’s likely we’ll see a trailer for that sometime before Christmas, Marvel will be eager to keep attention on Captain Marvel and then Avengers 4. But perhaps we might see a full Far From Home preview attached to the former?

Whatever the case, this is looking pretty special. I loved Homecoming and Tom Holland’s take on the character, so the sooner I get my butt in the seat to watch Spider-Man: Far From Home the better.