Tom Holland prefers ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ fan reactions to box office numbers

Now largely considered the best Spider-Man movie of all time ⏤ and perhaps even the best superhero movie, period ⏤ Spider-Man: No Way Home is continuing to take the world by storm more than a month after its release. It’s currently the number one movie in the world and was only dethroned when the new Scream sequel was released, only to make a comeback and return to the top of the charts.

Tom Holland, aka Peter #1, has always been good to Marvel fans. Whether it’s taking selfies at premieres, making sure they’re not getting squished against barricades, and even keeping promises to kids to bring them to set, he’s a genuinely good human being. That goodness continues to shine through, as he has shared that he cares more about the fans than the box office numbers and wants to make a good movie for them.

On the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, Holland discussed the film and had this to say about it: “Take the box office out of the equation, the thing that I’m the happiest about and also the most proud of is how well-received the film has been from the fans.” Mind you, Holland gets paid for doing these movies and there’s a chance that he gets paid more if the movie does well.

No Way Home has done better than well ⏤ it’s done about the best a movie can. It’s just shy of being one of the top five highest-grossing films of all time and has almost beaten Avengers: Endgame in ticket sales. Even after all of this success, Holland wants the fans to enjoy the movies first and foremost. He loves the vibes that the theaters have when fans are watching and is obviously very passionate about the film.

On his favorite parts of the movie, Holland said, “The videos of the fans watching the film in the theater when Andrew shows up and when Tobey shows up, and to feel that kind of nostalgic energy go through three different generations of cinema, has been very rewarding and an incredible thing to be a part of.”

Holland isn’t just a great actor ⏤ he genuinely cares about the fans and what they think of him and the movie. It’s nice to see an actor in such a popular franchise giving so much to the fans and saying that he’s the one who feels rewarded by our reactions.

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