Tom Holland Reportedly Annoyed At Marvel Because They Won’t Trust Him


Marvel Studios are well known for maintaining an intense veil of secrecy when it comes to the outfit’s upcoming projects, to the extent that Kevin Feige has become an expert on giving long-winded answers to questions designed to uncover new information, without actually revealing anything at all.

Luckily for the snipers the company has perched on rooftops anytime one of their actors gives an interview, Tom Holland has long since shed his reputation as something of a spoiler risk. His youthful exuberance is key to his portrayal of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man, and it clearly reflects his genuine enthusiasm for the role. Of course, that’s not surprising when the lifelong Spidey fan was cast as the character when he was still a teenager, and his accidental giveaways only served to win him more fans.

However, insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that Holland is getting annoyed at his paymasters, with the tipster reporting that the 24 year-old isn’t pleased that the higher-ups are continually withholding information from him, in the event that he ends up spoiling things again. That being said, this is Marvel Studios we’re talking about, and hardly anybody gets a complete picture of what they’re working on, even while shooting is in progress.

In fact, Avengers: Endgame had one of the most stacked casts ever assembled, but Robert Downey Jr. was the only one who got a full and complete copy of the script, with everyone else just receiving the pages that pertained to their characters. In any case, if Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield do show up as expected in Spider-Man: No Way Home, then Tom Holland will be completely exonerated as a spoiler merchant, and besides, he can’t be that upset if he’s already publicly admitted that he’ll stick around as the web-slinger for as long as he’s wanted, even with his contract set to expire imminently.