Tom Holland Reportedly Confirmed To Return For New Avengers Movie


The franchise has earned over $20 billion at the box office and boasts numerous movies headlined by eleven different superheroes, but by far, the Avengers films are the crown jewel of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, the four outings for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are the top-grossing installments and each one has been an absolute behemoth at the box office.

As Endgame saw most of the team either killed off or “retire” though, it’s unclear where the supergroup will show up next and what form they’ll take when we see them again. Kevin Feige has already admitted that we’ll see a fifth Avengers movie at some point, but no one’s sure when that’ll be. It’ll be a ways off yet, no doubt, but an interesting new report has now shed a bit of light on what we can expect.

Jeremy Conrad over at MCU Cosmic has explained that Captain Marvel 2 will act in many ways as the set-up for Avengers 5. Kind of like how Captain America: Civil War setup the Avengers’ status quo for Infinity War. This is because Carol Danvers will reportedly be the new leader of the team and apparently, the film will include a whole number of heroes aside from just its titular one. Again, similar to Civil War.

But perhaps the most exciting part of Conrad’s report is when he mentions that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will return for the next Avengers movie, which is being called New Avengers at the moment. It’s not terribly surprising to hear that Peter Parker will be involved given that he’s one of the leading faces of the MCU now with Cap and Iron Man gone, but given all the uncertainty surrounding his future due to the Sony fiasco, which saw him pulled out of the franchise temporarily over the summer, it’s good to know that he’s sticking around for the long haul.

Then again, with New Avengers still pretty far off, things can always change and who knows what twists and turns the MCU will end up taking. But for now, at least, it seems the plan is to have Spidey return for the film and that can only be good news for fans.