Tom Holland Showers Praise On Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse


Spidey fans everywhere are currently going crazy for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the Sony animated movie which introduces audiences to various alternate versions of the wall-crawler for the first time. But what did Peter Parker himself, Tom Holland, think of the film?

The British actor, who’s been donning Spidey’s tights since 2016, is known to be a huge fan of the character, so has he given the latest big screen outing to feature the web-slinger his nod of approval? You bet he has!

Holland took to Instagram this week to share a poster for the animated flick and gave it a glowing review in the caption, writing: “Honestly one of the coolest films I’ve ever seen. Do yourself a favour and go see this movie.”

Though Into the Spider-Verse is mostly Miles Morales’ story, Peter Parker does feature prominently in the movie as an older, washed-up version played by Jake Johnson. However, at one stage in the production, a live-action Spidey was actually considered to voice the character. It wasn’t Holland, though, but rather Tobey Maguire, the star of the original trilogy from Sam Raimi. Co-director Rodney Rothman has explained that while it would’ve been neat to have him involved, the notion was soon put aside as it was feared that it would confuse viewers who aren’t as clued into the concept of the multiverse as comic book fans are.

If Holland himself wants to get involved in Sony’s Spider-Man spinoffs though, he actually might be getting an opportunity in the near future. There’s been of a lot of talk that, due to the barnstorming success of Venom, the studio might reclaim Spider-Man from Marvel, or at the very least, make a deal to get him on board the sequel. Screnwriter Jeff Pinker has even heavily teased that this latter option’s in the works.

We’ll have to see how that plays out, but tell us, have you seen Spider-Man; Into the Spider-Verse yet? If so, were you as much of a fan of it as Tom Holland was? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.