Tom Holland says ‘No Way Home’ fight scenes are ‘spectacular’

If what Holland says is true, then 'No Way Home' is going to be a Spider-Man film like no other.

The hype behind Spider-Man: No Way Home is undeniable. Fans were already excited about the third Tom Holland-era Spidey film, but the release of a new trailer this week upped the ante considerably.

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While it’s hard to imagine a movie with this much hype possibly living up to expectations, there’s always a chance that it will. Tom Holland just upped those chances. The star appeared at a fan event this week and said that the action sequences in the new movie are going to be truly epic in every way.

“You’re going to see a style of fighting like you’ve never seen in a Spider-Man movie before, and that was down to our stunt coordinator George Cottle. They designed these fights to shock you guys, to really put you on your back feet. And when we were shooting this one scene in particular, it’s like this, I reckon a 35-beat fight scene between myself and one of the villains, and we shot it over and over and over again over three or four days, and I remember my knuckles were all bloody and I was knackered and we were fighting and fighting. In all fairness, it was awful, it was such a difficult time, but in the film, it’s so spectacular and it is so overwhelming and you’ve never seen Peter Parker quite like it. I’m really excited to see what you guys think.”

Check out the full video of the exchange below, courtesy of Variety.

Sure, Holland has to say that the movie is going to be good, but imagining a technical, beat-by-beat Spider-Man fight with a well-known villain sounds pretty, well, amazing.

The impending film has been the subject of endless speculation regarding whether or not previous Spider-Man actors Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will be making return appearances. That clamor only got louder with the release of the second trailer for the movie, which features a better look at the classic villains from pre-MCU era movies appearing in the new film.

Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into our universe on Dec. 17.

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