Tom Holland wants to team up with Anthony Mackie’s Captain America

sam wilson captain america

Tom Holland might be taking a more diplomatic route when it comes to his friendly feud with Marvel Cinematic Universe co-star Anthony Mackie, but that hasn’t stopped the franchise’s freshly-minted Captain America from trolling his colleague at every available opportunity.

Whether he’s calling Holland out at awards ceremonies or challenging the Spider-Man star to beat his high score on Marvel theme park attractions, it’s been a source of much mirth for fans of the shared superhero saga. Holland did get the sickest burn when he said he hadn’t seen Mackie’s Falcon movie, though, and the announcement of a standalone Captain America feature for Sam Wilson means that he likely never will.

In a recent interview with ComicBook, Holland continued his war of words with his star-spangled counterpart, but admitted he’d love to team up with Steve Rogers’ replacement on the big screen one day.

“Listen, I love Anthony Mackie. If there’s a Spider-Man/Captain America team-up down the line, then we should absolutely make that happen. You know, he can brag about beating me on my own ride – which I haven’t actually ridden yet – but until he’s got his own ride, he’s got nothing. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on.”

Given the current uncertainty of Spider-Man’s short and long-term future, even if we know Holland is sticking around under the suit for at least a little while longer, there’s no guarantees we’ll see it happen. The 25 year-old thinks Peter Parker needs a break to stop fans getting bored of him, so Mackie’s Captain America might not get the chance to interact with the web-slinger when his solo blockbuster rolls around.