Tom Holland’s Spidey Features Heavily In New Behind The Scenes Footage From Captain America: Civil War


With a Blu-ray release right around the corner – September 13, to be precise – we’re beginning to see some fresh content emerge from Captain America: Civil War. It’s mostly concept art depicting early sketches of the show-stopping airport scene, coupled with the recent gag reel, but earlier this week YouTube user stayupthere cut together a sizzle reel of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man from the range of special features included in the Civil War Blu-ray.

The result is a surprisingly entertaining peek behind the scenes of Joe and Anthony Russo’s threequel. Showcasing the ways in which Holland’s fresh-faced Avenger gets to grips with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, perhaps more than anything else the clip above is a neat reminder of the actor’s athleticism, which has been placed front and center all throughout production on Spider-Man: Homecoming.

In news relating to Tom Holland’s tenure in the MCU, his standalone debut, Spider-Man: Homecoming is reportedly set to feature Bokeem Woodbine as The Shocker. Woodbine could well be one of three core villains set to rear their ugly heads in Marvel’s hotly-anticipated reboot, alongside Michael Keaton (The Vulture) and Michael Chernus (The Tinkerer). On paper, they certainly make for formidable opponents, but the real question is how will director Jon Watts balance all three – not to mention that massive ensemble – when the action gets going, lest Homecoming succumb to the same issues that befell Spider-Man 3.

Jon Watts’ Spider-Man: Homecoming is due to swing into theaters worldwide on July 7, 2017.

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