Topher Grace Playfully Addresses If He’s In Spider-Man: No Way Home

Tpher Grace Venom

From the second it was first revealed that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man: No Way Home would incorporate the multiverse, almost anyone to have even looked in the direction of a live-action Peter Parker has been touted for a cameo appearance at one stage or another.

Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina are definitely in, and we can probably assume that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will also be along for the ride, while the multiversal Sinister Six is heavily rumored to be filled out by Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman, Rhys Ifans’ Lizard, and Paul Giamatti’s Rhino.

Throughout it all, two names have been absent from almost all of the scuttlebutt. The first is James Franco for obvious reasons, and the second is Topher Grace. In the latter’s case, it’s probably because the majority of fans don’t want him anywhere near a Spider-Man movie again.

During a recent Reddit AMA, the actor was asked if he’d shot a secret scene or two for No Way Home, and you can check out his not at all tongue-in-cheek response below.

“Please keep it between us but yes, I am in it. The plot starts with Peter Parker (Tom Holland) bummed that everyone knows his identity and then some crazy s–t happens with Dr. Strange and Dr. Octopus (Alfred Molina) comes into his dimension. Then Electro and the Green Goblin hop out of one of those ‘energy circles’ and they’re like ‘It’s spider stompin’ time.’ Then Tom Hardy and I pop out and battle each other and I win (obvi), it’s like not even a fight I just kick his ass immediately. Not to give too much away but there are also some actors from the original ’70s Spiderman show, Aquaman and Batman (Affleck, not Keaton) crossover, and thanks to Disney Han Solo’s ghost from Rise of Skywalker, and that Eve robot from Wall-E. Again, please keep between us.”

It’s safe to say that we shouldn’t be expecting Topher Grace in Spider-Man: No Way Home, then, which is probably the best for everyone. Looking at the most recent spate of speculation, though, another and much more well-received symbiote could be in line for a surprise guest spot.