New Trailer For Daniel Radcliffe’s The Woman In Black

A new trailer for The Woman in Black, starring Harry Potter‘s Daniel Radcliffe as a young lawyer who gets wrapped up in a ghostly mystery, reveals more plot, more thrills, and more creepy dolls from the film. This isn’t the first trailer for the film, but it is one of the longest and shows more characters than just the lead.

As a huge Harry Potter nerd/horror film enthusiast, there’s nothing I’d like Radcliffe to do more post-Potter than a horror film, and The Woman in Black actually looks pretty good. The period-piece aspect and damp, British atmosphere makes the film seem particularly creepy.

Still – I’m not entirely convinced by Daniel Radcliffe in this film. My reasoning has nothing to do with Harry Potter; it’s just that DanRad looks so, so young still. I fear that it may be difficult to take him seriously.

Check out the trailer below, and let us know what you think.