First Trailer For The Eternals Is Reportedly On The Way


Black Widow is the first MCU movie to hit cinemas this year, but we’ve also got The Eternals coming in November. To date, though, the majority of us have yet to see any footage of the ensemble film focusing on a team of ancient immortals. However, a new update may point to the first trailer for the movie being on its way.

Music studio Giant Apes provides the trailer music for many MCU projects and they’ve just updated their website to announce that they’ll be doing the same for The Eternals trailer as well. While this doesn’t mean that the teaser is just around the corner, it does tell us that it’s in the works as we speak and will be here sooner rather than later.

After all, previous MCU flicks that have landed in November have had their first trailers drop sometime in April. For instance, Thor: The Dark World‘s was April 24th, Doctor Strange‘s was April 12th and Thor: Ragnarok’s arrived on April 10th. MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad has theorized that Giant Apes developing the music for Eternals’ trailer now could mean it’ll be ready to show to Disney investors at their next conference call in mid-March, as well as played for attendees of CinemaCon at the end of next month.

The signs are pointing to another April release for this trailer, then, but hopefully it’ll be early April rather than towards the end of the month. This would mean it’d be available to play before Black Widow arrives at the beginning of May, or late April in some territories.

In any case, footage shown at CCXP gave us our first indication of various elements of the storyline, including that Brian Tyree Henry’s Phastos is the film’s gay leading character, the first in the MCU. So, we should presumably get similar revelations from the first proper trailer for The Eternals. As always, watch this space for more.