Transformers Beast Wars Trilogy Is Reportedly Set In Space And Has No Humans

Optimus Prime Transformers

One short (and certainly welcome) detour aside in the form of 2018’s Bumblebee, Paramount’s blockbuster Transformers franchise has been notably absent from cinema screens for quite some time. 2017’s The Last Knight remains the most recent entry in the mainline series, of course, though it certainly won’t be the last. Despite the overwhelmingly negative critical response each installment has garnered over the years, Michael Bay’s adaptations have collectively proven to be one of the Hollywood box office’s biggest earners, so it’s always been a case of when, not if, the studio decides to continue the Autobot and Decepticons’ eternal war.

Last we heard, a new movie based on the cult favourite Beast Wars story arc is in line to get the live-action treatment, alongside several other Transformer projects that are brewing in development, with Deadline reporting that James Vanderbilt (Murder Mystery) is on board to help bring it to life. The trail of news has largely reached a dead end since then, though thanks to some new details provided by one noted insider, fans now know a little bit more.

According to Daniel Richtman, Paramount’s Beast Wars project will be spread across a trilogy and take place in space. A vague description, no doubt, and one can only assume the implication to be that the Maximals and Predacons’ own war will encompass various planets throughout the universe.

Either way, the setting naturally doesn’t lend well to the involvement of humans, and sure enough, Richtman says that there won’t be any of them to be found in the trilogy. Given the general disdain many folks hold for the inclusion of a human element in previous entries, we can’t imagine anyone having any issue with that revelation. It’s worth noting that this should all be taken with a generous dose of salt, of course, but the tipster has proven to be reliable in the past.

Until we learn more, though, fans can satiate their appetites for Transformers content with Netflix’s ongoing War For Cybertron series, which will itself be reigniting the Beast Wars later this year via Kingdom.