Transformers And G.I. Joe Crossover Reportedly Back On The Table At Paramount

Optimus Prime Transformers

Paramount don’t have the same number of big-name franchises at their disposal as many of their rival studios, with twelve of their eighteen highest-grossing movies ever hailing from either the Mission: Impossible, Kung Fu Panda, Shrek or Transformers brands, and the latter three are all currently on hiatus without a new entry officially on the release schedule.

That being said, there are currently multiple Transformers projects in the works including a feature-length animation from Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooley, a Beast Wars adaptation that’s being written by Zodiac and White House Down‘s James Vanderbilit, the long-rumored Bumblebee sequel and a full-blown reboot of the main timeline that will wipe Michael Bay’s movies from continuity. In other words, the Autobots and Decepticons won’t be absent from our screens for too long.

The studio will also be hoping that awkwardly-titled spinoff Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins will prove that the third time is the charm, after the previous two entries in the series both suffered from middling reviews and tepid box office numbers. A crossover between the Joes and the Transformers has been frequently rumored in the past as well, and a new report claims that the idea is firmly back on the table now.

According to tipster Mikey Sutton, if Snake Eyes proves to be a success, then the G.I. Joe and Transformers movie will shoot to the top of Paramount’s to-do list, having been considered multiple times over the last few years before eventually being dropped. Hasbro have made it clear that they’d love to have a cinematic universe of their own with Micronauts also pegged for the big screen treatment, not to mention the toy company’s recent acquisition of Power Rangers, but as their two biggest properties with the most crossover potential, seeing the elite soldiers and the giant alien metal robots duke it out is said to be the number one priority.