Power Rangers Reboot Reportedly Takes Place In The TV Show’s Continuity

Power Rangers

Based on the underwhelming critical and commercial reception to the last outing for the Power Rangers on the big screen, the serious and gritty reboot route was the wrong direction to take. After all, we’re talking about a TV show that wasn’t exactly grounded in realism, not to mention one that convinced an entire generation of kids to karate kick their friends in the face on the playground for no reason.

With the brand having recently been purchased by Hasbro, the intentions behind a toy company rebooting a property with such vast merchandising potential is pretty transparent, but the latest reboot will look to widen the appeal that 2017’s Power Rangers was missing by marketing itself towards the younger demographic, longtime fans of the series and the increasingly-lucrative nostalgia crowd all at once.

A 1990s-set, time-traveling Power Rangers movie already sounds like a whole lot of fun, and now a new report claims that the reboot won’t be establishing its own mythology, but will exist in the continuity of the TV show. As per The Illuminerdi, everything that’s happened from the original Mighty Morphin’ era up until the most recent Dino Fury iteration will remain canon, which opens the door to cameos from fan favorite characters, villains and Zords alike.

We previously heard that the time-travel element would see interactions between the all-new team and some classic Power Rangers lineups and that the film might even be heading into outer space, and this latest report would seem to indicate that all of their journeys through time would technically exist as part of the small screen universe as well.

If currently-attached director Jonathan Entwistle can pull of the delicate balance between making a time-traveling sci-fi blockbuster that also hits that nostalgic sweet spot and creates almost-unlimited crossover potential as a result, Hasbro could be onto a real winner with the latest Power Rangers reboot.