Transformers Reboot Will Reportedly Be Set In 1980s With Megatron As Villain


It looks like the Transformers franchise is officially starting over. A few weeks back, WGTC brought you the news that a soft reboot of the series is in the works and now, we’ve heard a little bit more in regards to what we can expect.

According to our sources – the same ones who said an Ace Ventura 3 is in early development, which was confirmed by Morgan Creek Entertainment yesterday morning – the next film in the franchise will be set in the 1980s and act as a continuation of sorts of Bumblebee, with star Hailee Steinfeld returning as Charlie. Additionally, we’re told Megatron will act as the main villain and as we mentioned above, the movie will be considered a soft reboot of the series with the Michael Bay films reportedly being ignored.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any further details to go on at this time, but still, this will surely be welcome news for fans. After all, the Bay movies had gotten progressively worse with each installment and the last entry, Transformers: The Last Knight, earned half of what the fourth outing, Transformers: Age of Extinction, did.

It’s unclear whether Bumblebee director Travis Knight will return to the franchise for another outing, but we certainly hope he does, as he did a wonderful job balancing story with action and the set pieces were all very memorable. More importantly, though, they were also coherent. While Bay certainly has the chops to direct action, it was sometimes difficult to discern the Autobots from the Decepticons and given that the director has never seen an edit he didn’t like, the quick cutting was often jarring.

The first Transformers movie worked so well because it was simple. It had an old-school Amblin Entertainment-style plot about a boy and his first car that just so happened to also be an alien robot. The sequels, on the other hand, were bogged down by forgettable mythology and Bay’s frat-boy style of humor.

That’s why Bumblebee was so great. It was sort of a remake of Bay’s first Transformers and while it may have lacked the director’s style, it was a more mature and likeable movie overall. It also cost half of what the last few films did and still performed well at the box office.

Not to mention that the opening sequence of Bumblebee set on Cybertron was incredible and felt like the closest we’ve come to recreating the original television show from the ‘80s. As such, returning to that decade for a sequel feels not only right, but the sort of rejuvenation that the Transformers franchise sorely needs right now.