New Glass Photos Showcase The Hero, Villain And Mastermind


As someone who’s been a long-time cheerleader for M. Night Shyamalan’s UnbreakableI was inordinately pleased to hear about GlassEver since the surprisingly great (surprising given Shyamalan’s recent output, anyway) Split ended with an unexpected tie-in linking it to the Unbreakable universe, I’ve been on tenterhooks waiting to see how they’re going to bind the two films together, and where Bruce Willis’ David Dunn and Samuel L. Jackson’s Elijah Price are at now nearly two decades on from the events of their first cinematic outing.

I’ll have to wait until next January to find out for sure, but we already know quite a bit from the trailers and promotional materials about how the movie opens. And now, adding on to all that are three new stills from the movie courtesy of Total Film that don’t exactly reveal any major developments, but are certainly welcome nonetheless.

The first shows that David Dunn will be back in action in his superhero costume. A hooded raincoat isn’t exactly a high tech Batsuit, but it’s iconic enough for us to know that he’s back in business.

Meanwhile, Price and James McAvoy’s Kevin Crumb are pictured in some kind of institution. Previously seen in the trailer, this seems to be an insane asylum where people who think they have superpowers are incarcerated. While it makes sense for Price and Crumb to be locked up, it remains to be seen what David Dunn will have done to earn this fate.

So far, there’s a good bit of buzz surrounding the film. Unbreakable has been steadily picking up fans as a cult classic since its release and its grounded deconstruction of the classic superhero story is arguably more relevant after a decade of Marvel Studios movies than it was on release. Split, meanwhile, did well enough to get people invested in where these characters are going, so I have high hopes that Glass will open up this interesting cinematic universe even further.