Trio Of Deleted Scenes For Mad Max: Fury Road Reveal Yet More Chaos; Furiosa Spinoff Being Considered


When George Miller yelled ‘cut!’ on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road for the final time, he and his filming crew had amassed a staggering 480 hours of raw footage, leaving the editing team with the near insurmountable task of wrangling the feature into one coherent whole. Low and behold, Miller’s long-gestating sequel proved to be one of the most inventive and intense cinematic experiences of the last decade, and it’s a testimony to the director’s deft touch that, despite the chaos, action sequences were still relatively easy to keep pace with.

Of course, with such a deep reservoir of footage, Fury Road was always going to produce a few deleted scenes of its own, and today a trio of those cut clips have surfaced online, showcasing more of Immortan Joe’s reign of terror and the War Rig making tracks across the arid, sun-scorched terrain. Truth be told, they’re not particularly remarkable scenes – indeed, deleted sequences rarely are – but if anything they just make us want to rewatch Mad Max: Fury Road the moment the Blu-Ray hits shelves.

Looking further afield, though, it’s understood that Miller has a pair of Mad Max sequels planned out, while Warner Bros. has locked down Tom Hardy for an additional three. As fans of the film will know too well, Hardy’s Road Warrior wasn’t necessarily the most memorable character coming out of the bombastic sequel; no, that title belonged to Charlize Theron’s one-armed badass Furiosa. According to Deadline, WB is at the very least considering a spinoff that would focus on the rebel Imperator, though the possibility of this adjacent film will largely hinge on whether Theron decides to commit to Warner’s spinoff or not. After all, the actress has been hesitant about her Mad Max future in the past.

Mad Max: Fury Road will bring the War Rig in tow when George Miller’s triumphant sequel blasts onto Blu-Ray on September 1.