TRON Sequel With Jared Leto Reportedly Moving Forward

TRON: Legacy

While rumours of a TRON reboot featuring Suicide Squad‘s Jared Leto have been circulating since 2017, we may finally have some fresh, new intel about the mysterious sci-fi project.

That’s right, according to sources close to We Got This Covered – the same ones who told us Hopper would be back for Stranger Things season 4 and about Han’s return in Fast & Furious 9, both of which have now been officially confirmed – we’re hearing that the upcoming follow-up will be more of a spinoff than a full-blown reboot. Additionally, the working title that the studio is currently using internally is TRON: Ares. Whether this will be the official title going forward, though, we’re not entirely sure.

Furthermore, our sources tell us that the Oscar-winning Jared Leto is now officially attached to the project and that he’ll play the titular character, Ares, who the film will distinctly focus on. We also hear that TRON: Ares is being pitched as a “standalone sequel” to TRON: Legacy, as opposed to the rumored remake/reboot treatment that the studio was tentatively exploring.

TRON: Legacy

On top of that, we’ve also heard that It Runs In The Family writer Jesse Wigatow is penning the first draft of the screenplay, while it’s been said that the studio is hunting for a female-lead to co-star alongside Leto. There’s no word yet on who they may have their eye on, unfortunately, but that’s surely enough to whet our appetites for now, right?

In any case, the wheels are clearly in motion for the new TRON: Ares movie. But tell us, are you interested in checking it out? Or do you think the iconic franchise should be left alone and trapped in a dusty, old arcade cabinet for the rest of eternity? Let us know in the usual place down below and be sure to stay tuned for further updates.