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Not A Single Actor Had The Full Avengers: Infinity War Script

According to Joe and Anthony Russo, no one actor was given access to the full Avengers: Infinity War script during production.

What better way to prepare for the imminent Avengers 4 trailer reveal than to indulge in a special Q&A session with Joe and Anthony Russo?

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The creative duo have become a bankable powerhouse for Marvel Studios, and while they’re very much planning a well-deserved hiatus from the superhero movie scene post-2019, the Russo Brothers still have their eyes trained on a possible adaptation of Secret Wars.

Be that as it may, the pair were instrumental in the success of Avengers: Infinity War, a film which effectively brought together all corners of the MCU – save for the Netflix ensemble – for a true cinematic spectacle. The results were off the charts, as Infinity War stormed past $2 billion worldwide.

But in order to safeguard the film’s devastating finale, the Russo Brothers went to extreme lengths in order to mitigate spoilers, including faux trailer scenes and dummy scripts that were designed specifically to throw people off the scene – including those involved in the production. As a matter of fact, no one actor had the complete Infinity War script during production.

Via Twitter:

Talk about smoke and mirrors. To their credit, Joe and Anthony Russo – along with the Powers That Be at Marvel Studios – were able to conceal many of Infinity War‘s biggest moments right up until the 11th hour, thereby ensuring that the impact and emotional resonance of Thanos’ finger snap remained intact. Here’s hoping they’re able to achieve something similar with Avengers 4, given the so-far untitled Marvel blockbuster is already gaining serious traction online – Tamer Karadağli, for instance, has claimed that the footage shown was enough to give him goosebumps.

Still no word of an official ETA from Marvel Studios, mind you, but we’ll keep you informed over the coming days.