Will Stephen Amell’s Arrow Be In The Justice League Movie?

Green Arrow Justice League

The image above is causing all sorts of buzz on the ol’ Internet today after Stephen Amell, the actor who plays Arrow in The CW series of the same name, posted it to his Facebook wall. Was he sending fans a message or just playing with them? Either way, the question has been raised: Will Amell be appearing in the bound-to-eventually-get-made Justice League movie?

This would make perfect sense, as Warner Bros. needs to build an ensemble cast for that film, and why bring in a new Arrow/Green Arrow when they’ve already got one with at least some name recognition? With a spin-off series being planned for fellow Justice League alum Flash, that’s two in the bag right there. Add Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman and they’re well on their way to a superhero team to rival The Avengers.

Of course, there are other possibilities as well. Batman vs. Superman is in production, and in the comics Green Arrow played an important part in the feud between those two giants of the DC Universe. Specifically, he helped Batman take Superman down in The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Frank Miller’s sequel to his uber-popular The Dark Knight Returns. He could conceivably play a similar role in Batman vs. Superman, although given his significantly lower name recognition than the titular superheroes that seems much less likely than his being part of a larger ensemble cast.

Or perhaps there is some Justice League crossover planned for Arrow without his being in the movie. That would be a huge bummer for Amell, but would at least give Warner Bros. the chance to drop in some Agents of Shield-like cameos to boost Arrow‘s ratings. This also seems unlikely, though. If Arrow isn’t important enough to be part of the Justice League, his show probably wouldn’t be important enough for say, Henry Cavill as Clark Kent to drop by after the closing credits Nick Fury-style.

There’s also the possibility that Amell is just having a laugh, but unless he’s been really bored lately or has felt especially inclined to piss off fans, he likely had some reason to post that image. Hopefully we’ll find out his reason soon, and hopefully it will be good news for fans of Arrow and Justice League.